Almas Revestidas

Yamir Izquierdo Ramos, 2022

Archival pigment print on cotton paper (example)
70 2/5 × 48 1/10 in | 190 × 174 cm
Edition of 40

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About Almas Revestidas

Under high temperatures these materials arise. The metal, forged with fire; man, by burning passions. The intensity, proportion and beauty will define the result of these unique tasks. Objects and subjects will be obtained, pure or mixed, bright or dark, valuable or insignificant… Heat makes them come alive or lose life.

The hardness, durability and transcendence of their existences, however, will never be comparable. Human fragility will not survive iron; No bronze will be able to capture the majesty of who it represents; No one – despite his strong character – will have a heart of steel… Paradoxes of our world pointed out in the work of Yamir Izquierdo.

Young and naked bodies are partially covered – rather dressed – with armor that refers to other times. Past and present come together in the impressive anatomical studies that make up his series Almas revestidas (2016-). The typology of the weaponry, the theatrical/acrobatic poses of its protagonists and the masterful drawing, reveal undeniable classicist connotations to exalt the “value of good craftsmanship and of the artist as the sole author and executor of his work.”

On the canvas, some appear defiant and ready for battle; Others avert their gaze and even lay down their weapons. Everyone seems to have a spirit as cold as the clothes they wear. His concerns and artistic inquiries are reflected in sketches, not materialized in the final work. The background, lightly worked, is only the support for these notes. On cardboard – on the other hand – the effects of watercolor provide new sensations. Now his characters emanate light, colors are released and, with these, emotions are unleashed. His pieces become closer, poetic, sensual.

A selection of his most recent production makes up Corpos Malleables. Drawings and watercolors – large format – that, with marked and intentional technical virtuosity, question the artificial behavior of human beings of our time. What is essential (the soul) remains – “protected”, hidden or forgotten – beneath imposing physiognomic and metallic shells.